Great Road Farm

Great Road FarmContact:  
Steve Tomlinson
1459 Great Road 
Skillman, NJ 08558 
(646) 342-3546 
[email protected]

About Great Road Farm

Great Road Farm makes its home on 112 acres of beautiful, preserved farm land in Skillman, NJ 4 miles from downtown Princeton. About half of these acres remain wild and wooded while the other half are split into fields.  2012 marked our first season with 3.5 acres in vegetable crop production. We now have over 6 acres in production.

We want to bring familiar favorites to your plate, while expanding your palate. Over 120 varieties of vegetables will come from these fields this year: from arugula to zucchini, herbs to salad mix. Our growing methods focus on flavor and sustainability, from using bio-intensive techniques on our 1 acre of permanent raised beds while building the soil through cover cropping and crop rotation for the rest of our fields.  We will be applying for Organic Certification in 2015.

With diversification as a priority, we're also raising chickens for eggs. In upcoming years, we plan on expanding our operation to include fruit, paw paw trees, and perennial crops. In 2014 we raised three Tamworth hogs and will expand our livestock operation in 2015.

And as stewards of our farmland, we are also stewards of your health providing nutritious, wholesome food under the guidance of a thoughtful and deliberate food safety program.