Stony Brook Orchids

Contact: Susan and David Gange
16 Elm Ridge Rd
Pennington, NJ 08534
(609) 730-8448
[email protected]

About Stony Brook Orchids

Susan and David Gange own Stony Brook Orchids, an orchid greenhouse business in Pennington, NJ. Originally specializing in Phalaenopsis orchid plants of all colors and sizes, they now also offer Cattleyas, Oncidiums, and Dendrobiums, as well orchid-growing supplies. An experienced orchid lecturer, Susan enjoys offering orchid-growing advice to new as well as experienced orchid growers at her sales table at the the WWCF Market; she also demonstrates proper orchid repotting techniques at one of the Market's Saturday morning educational classes every summer. Most recently, she was awarded the show trophy at the Longwood Gardens Orchid show in March 2012 for the best commercially grown Phalaenopsis orchid in the show. Visitors to their large orchid greenhouse in Pennington are welcomed, Tuesday through Saturday -- kindly call ahead first.