Terhune Orchards

Contact: Tannwen Mount
330 Cold Soil Road
Princeton NJ 08540
(609) 924-2310
[email protected]

One True Thing
Excerpt from One True Thing About Farming

Independent, articulate, well-educated, 33-year old Tannwen Mount had proved herself a professional by her own merits in the six years she spent in California, four of them directing annual giving and reunion programs for the business school at UC Berkeley. As a 16 year old, while at the Lawrenceville School, she had traveled to Kenya with the YMCA. In her Princeton University years, she worked a summer on a Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota and, for a couple of summers in Arizona, on the Navaho reservation there, supplementing research for her thesis and ultimately her undergraduate degree in Anthropology.

Six years ago, she came home to a successful family business begun by her parents in the mid-70s when they bought the land that would become Terhune Orchards. It was, Tannwen says, “the first farm in Mercer County to actually be purchased for farming. People thought they were crazy.”

Tannwen remembers hearing of "a little sign by the end of the road saying, 'For Sale By Owner' and the owner certainly wasn't thinking he was going to be selling it for farming." He could not have anticipated the two go-getters from the get-go who are Tannwen's parents.