WoodsEdge Wools Farm

Contact: Brent Walker
78 Bowne Station Road
Stockton, NJ 08559
(609) 397-2212
One True Thing
Excerpt from One True Thing About Farming

Surely Linda Berry Walker has a genius for marketing. She is an idea machine, creating unusual, original and highly desirable products from the suri llama and alpaca yarns her nearly 300 animals produce on WoodsEdge Wools Farm in Stockton. The setting, tucked a few turns on narrow roads away from Route 31, is idyllic. A 300-year old house and barn along with the new facilities Linda and her son Brent have added are fully reclaimed from near disintegration, the state they were in when Linda and her late husband Fred bought the farm out of bankruptcy in 1982. Son and farm manager Brent was just shy of two years old at the time. Today, a three-year old barn and adjoining arena for events house Linda's retail operation where she sells anything from llama felt-wrapped soaps called "llama loofahs," great for scrubbing a gardener's hands, to chic alpaca or llama sweaters from her finest and silkiest yarns, finished off-site in mills ranging from Texas to New Hampshire. The showroom barn was built when Brent decided he wanted to keep the farm.